Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eligible Property

Norwich, CT

This building is typical of many of the buildings seen not only in Norwich but in New London as well.  The buildings are not totally vacant, but don't seem to be in use for anything but storage.  The sign in the window says this is an eligible property, no doubt referring to the availability of financial assistance for anyone willing to restore or maintain this structure.  I can find no information about his particular building and I'm wondering what it might have been used for.  At the top of the building there are the dates 1840-1912.  It's not uncommon to see a date on a building for the year in which it was built, but I'm at a loss for the significance of these dates.  I doubt it took 72 years to build this.


  1. I often wonder about the early life of old building too. Looks like the first floor would have been some kind of shop and the upper floors apartments... maybe offices? A fine sturdy structure.

    The dates are a mystery. I can't guess why the date range.

  2. I could see myself living in a loft apartment on one of the upper floors!
    I wonder if there was a fire and it was rebuilt in 1912?

  3. I can't explain the dates or its former use or what an eligible property is, but I can explain that I think it is a handsome building with wonderful brickwork. I hope some kind of productive use is found for it.