Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pequotsepos Manor

Mystic, CT

After 6 generations of Denisons, dating back to 1654, Ann Borodell Denison Gates was the last Denison to live in this house, built in 1717.  She founded the Denison Society and gave the house and 125 acres of land to the Society and trusted the Society with its care for all future generations.  


  1. That is a long time for a family to won a home! It looks as if they all took care of it with no absurd additions.

  2. Ed, my mother's side of the family is related to the Denisons. The name was familiar when I saw it. Ann Borodell Denison must have made an impression on the family because my Aunt's first name was Borodell and my sister's is Ann. You may have found the old family home, but then I'm not a Denison.

    1. That's fascinating, Jeff. The descendants of the Denison's are still pretty active in the affairs of the Denison Society which looks after the property and the adjoining Nature Center. They might even have regular family reunions. If your mother was a Denison, or related to them, then I think you would be too. I find the history in this part of New England fascinating. Thanks for the comment!