Thursday, August 14, 2014

Under Sail

Somewhere in  Long Island Sound

My wife's comment after sailing aboard the Morgan was that she couldn't stop looking up at the sails. The main truck of the Morgan rises 110 feet above the deck. When fully rigged, there is about 13,000 square feet of sail which enabled the whale ship to cruise up to  8 knots. It is a very majestic sight to see.  


  1. Nice shot, Ed. I particularly like the way you caught the man just climbing into view on the rigging.

  2. Wonderful that you and your wife got to sail on the Morgan. Your photo captures the power in those sails. Eight knots is a most respectable speed. Our sailboat in the Caribbean would cruise at about 8 kts in a good breeze, and could occasionally sprint to 10 kts.

    1. I didn't have the chance to sail on the Morgan. My wife works at Mystic Seaport, so she was the lucky one to sail. She took all the pictures aboard the Morgan.

  3. Terrific! Your photography is getting rapidly stronger!!