Monday, May 2, 2016

Mystic Bridge

Mystic, CT  2016


  1. Thank you for these wonderful photos and CT stories. I was born in New London, and from age 5 through high school lived in Niantic. As a young adult, I moved south to Washington DC. After years of city life, I moved even further south to Virginia. One day I received a call from my parents telling me of a controversial front page New London Day newspaper article about a sculpture called "Renya" that stands proudly in Colby Park just along side the New London Day. Just today, 5/12/16, I found this blog. While combing through I discovered a post about the Renya Sculpture. I just happen to be visiting locally through May before I head back to the southwest where I reside these days. I look forward to standing by my Renya keepsake before I head on. Here's my website connection if Ed sees this and wants to get in touch:

  2. I'm always impressed by the size and weight of these lift bridges. Like both this photo and your picture from yesterday.