Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pentax ME Super Update

Readers of this blog might recall my project from last summer involving my ''vintage" Pentax ME Super SLR film camera and a number of rolls of Kodak T-Max 400 black and white film.  Since those posts back last September, I found a camera repair specialist located in Providence, RI and I took my Pentax in for a cleaning, lubricating and some maintenance .  I did this over the winter holidays and received the camera back about mid January.  The camera is in fine shape, and since I really take my time when shooting film, I have just finished and had processed my first roll of Ilford Delta 400 black and white film.  The light meter behaved well, and the maintenance eliminated a light leak that might have been present in my first attempts at using this camera.  I'll be posting some examples this week.  Some of the scenes will be familiar to readers, since I often have both my digital SLR along as well as this film camera.

Ocean Beach, New London, CT  2016

I can understand why photographers are drawn to black and white photography.  I can also understand why in the digital world, there is a lot of effort put into to emulating the look of film with various "filters" and digital presets.  My eye is not yet good enough to discern if any of the digital images which have been made this way really approach the look of film or not.  

New London, CT  2016

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