Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Snow

I really can't complain about this winter.  It's been pretty mild so far in Connecticut.  It has certainly been much better than last winter.  Along the coast we were spared the major snowstorm that crippled most of Connecticut the last weekend in October.  Since that time, we've had no snow, and very mild temperatures.   That all changed yesterday when most of the state got hit with a significant amount of snow, so I was obligated to go out this morning to take the requisite "snowfall" pictures.  It only looks pretty for a short time.  Temperatures are due to rise this week and rain is in the forecast.  I'm betting all the snow will be gone by Wednesday, if not sooner.  I'm sure this won't be the last snow we see this year.


  1. We got some snow yesterday, and more is predicted for this afternoon. Time to go for a walk to see what I can find. You are right about needing to do this soon after the snowfall. Snow doesn't age well. Have a good Sunday.

  2. It was a beautiful snowy day here yesterday, with lots of fluffy white stuff. Received about 8" of snow in Hamden and not looking forward to rain making it a sloppy mess. But hopefully the warmer temps will last a couple days, long enough for total melting.

  3. Thanks for looking. I would have been out walking a little more, but the sidewalks around here weren't cleared yet, and I didn't want to walk in the street. I have some more images for later this week.