Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something Different

I follow quite a few blogs, and I'm always looking for ways to improve not only my photography but also how I present my pictures.  I don't know anything at all about HTML and how to use it to prepare fancy websites.  I've dabbled a little bit with Apple's iWeb program, and have prepared some webpages and web galleries from within Apple's Aperture but that's the extent of my current knowledge of website creation and design.  My current blog is all created within Google's Blogger, which is somewhat limiting in how pictures are presented and formatted.  This is an attempt to present a framed picture, along with captions, and EXIF data, all done within Aperture, and then uploaded to the blog.  The frame and captions were all created in the plug-in BorderFx and it didn't take too much time to do.  The beauty of this is now I have a template which I can apply to any picture before uploading to the blog and I don't have to type all the EXIF data, or any other metadata I would like to add.  I'll probably tweak this a little bit until I'm satisfied with how it looks.  I'm not sure if the frame/border actually adds to the picture or is more of a distraction.  I might try a much more simple frame


  1. Ed, this frame has the appearance of a matted photo. It does set off the photo. Looks great, a bit more finished than my plain pictures. I'm not so sure about the EXIF data. As a viewer I'm drawn to your images, not your camera settings. Who cares what brush Van Gogh used?

    Speaking of brushes, we use the same camera and lens. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for looking TFG, and also for the comments. I'm still trying to decide what I like better. I do feel the frame finishes off the picture, but I think strong images should stand on their own without needing further embellishments. Sometimes I think the frame might be a distraction, leading the viewer away from the image, but I could be wrong. There is something to be said for a minimalistic approach featuring just the image. There's nothing wrong with that. As for the EXIF, data, I agree, I normally wouldn't have included it, but it was something I wanted to see if I could do. I've been enjoying your images of the Falls in Sioux Falls. There are some very nice images there. It looks like a fascinating place to visit and photograph. I really like the D90 and I'm still learning about all its features and capabilities even after using it now for 2 years.