Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1912 Overland Model 59R Roadster

I think I saw cars at this show representing all of the major American automobile manufacturers of today.  There were many Ford Model T's and Model A's, as well as Chryslers, Dodge, Buicks, Cadillacs, and even a Chevy.   I had never seen, nor do I know anything about this particular manufacturer.  At one time there were many more automobile manufacturers than there are today.


  1. Interesting thing is that the German wikipedia has a little bit more details about Overland than the English one - while the text seems to be a translation of the English article there is a table added wiht all the models.
    The Italian article seems to be the English together with German article translated into Italian.
    While the Swedish article seems to be unique full of interesting stuff -- only I don't speak Swedish.

    And now I have no idea why I find all this very interesting ;-)

    1. I did read a little about the Overland Automobiles, and how they became a part of the Willy's-Overland Motor Company in 1908. At one time they were the second largest car company in America behind Ford. After many acquisitions today the company is Chrysler-Jeep. We do love our automobiles here in the US and the history of some of these companies is fascinating to me. I'm not sure why there would be such different Wikipedia accounts though. That too is rather interesting. My guess would be that Wikipedia articles might be written for the local readers.

    2. Usually this is the case and this would mean that a) Americans are interested in photos, b) Germans are interested in data, c) Italians are interested in both and d)Swedes are intersted in ...
      I guess that's exactly why I found this interesting ;-)