Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1928 Mercedes Benz

Readers of this blog know of my love for Mystic Seaport, the Museum of America and the Sea.  I spend a lot of time there and look forward every year to a number of their special events.  In fact the very first picture I posted on this blog was taken at the Seaport during their annual antique auto show just about a year ago.  That picture was of this 1928 Mercedes Benz.  This year's show featured a return appearance of this classic car, along with approximately 100 automobiles, most of which were made before 1930.  

There was a rumor going around the Seaport that this car is valued at a million dollars now, and it was one of two cars on display that are worth a million.   I'm not sure what's more impressive to me; the level of craftsmanship that went into the original automobile, or the level of craftsmanship needed today to maintain this auto, as well as all the others that were on display.  I'll be posting other pictures of classic autos for the remainder of the week.  You'll have to return later this week to see the other million dollar auto on display.


  1. Ed, you know of my love of fine automobiles, and this one is a beauty. Thank you for photographing and posting these pictures.

  2. Stay tuned, Jeff. I have some other beauties that I'm sure you'll appreciate.