Friday, October 12, 2012

1926 Pierce-Arrow Model 80 Runabout

Since I started blogging over a year ago now, I have found a number of blogs that interest and inspire me not only from a photographic standpoint, but in also the subject matter presented.  One of my many favorites is A Second Look, by John D Linn.  His photos always truly deserve a second look.  By coincidence, the week after the Antique Car show, one of John's posts was a picture taken at the Pierce-Arrow Museum near Buffalo, NY.  When I read that post, I knew I had to post this picture of a 1923 Pierce-Arrow,  presented here as John might have posted it, although probably not nearly as well as he would do it. To see what I mean, you can check out John's Pierce-Arrow here.  Still, if for only being a somewhat rare, antique automobile, I hope this picture garners a second look.

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