Tuesday, October 30, 2012


New London, CT


  1. Ed, hope you are weathering Sandy without difficulty. Looks like a bad storm from the safety of the Midwest. Great post today. Lovely mural.

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Jeff. We were lucky here. No damage to my house, just lots of branches down. We lost power yesterday at 3 pm and still don' t have it restored. No telling when we'll get power back. My posting and comments here will be sporadic at best. I've really enjoyed your pictures from the zoo. Nice work.

    1. Good to know you are in good shape. Hope your power is restored soon so food doesn't spoil. Don't know how you are managing to post anything, but glad you are. Yes, we had a great time at the zoo, and I just came back to those pictures after a couple months. There are a few more to come, so stay tuned.

  3. I can't imagine this mural in good old Connecticut. The Land of Steady Habits.

    Your part of the state got hammered. Glad to read above that you didn't have direct damage.

  4. This is interesting - what's the building? A museum? Is there a park?

    And yes, I hope you'll get power back and everything may return back to normal.

  5. Thanks for your concern Jack and Martina. Power is back and things are returning to normal here. The mural is on the side of an art gallery and overlooks a sculpture garden, all run by Hygienic Art, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to creating an enriching cultural experience in the city of New London Connecticut. They actually acquired this historic building and completely renovated it to serve as a gallery and place for artists to gather.