Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coast Guard Barque Eagle

New London, CT

New London, CT is the home of the US Coast Guard Academy, and therefore is also the home port for their training vessel, Eagle.  The barque itself was built in Germany in 1936 and was commissioned in September of that year as the Hosrt Wessel.  Before World War II, it was used as a training vessel.  After the war, the United States took the vessel as part of war reparations, and it was commissioned to the US Coast Guard in 1946.  It's primary role now is in the training of Coast Guard Academy cadets and officers.  I'm sure I've posted a picture of her in the past.  On a recent drive through New London,  I noticed the Eagle docked at the public docks located near the the train station downtown, and not at it's usual dock.  Apparently she was open for touring as I noticed a number of families and groups of young kids heading toward the gangplank.  I know that the city on New London and the USCGA have been at odds recently over some city property that the academy would like to purchase for expansion.  In addition, the city would like to be the site for the USCGA Museum, something that is still very much in the early planning stages.  I hope the city and the academy can reach a consensus on these issues, since they have been an important part of the city.  I've only seen the Eagle while at dock.  I would love to see her under sail someday.  It must be an impressive sight. 

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