Monday, April 8, 2013

Work Entrance

Branford, CT

There doesn't appear to be anything remarkable about this entry.  There are no identifying marks on the wall, not even a company name.  It makes one wonder exactly what goes on in the building behind these doors.  It just so happens, I do know what goes on here, for I enter for work here every Monday to Friday.  Along with about 20 of my colleagues, the search goes on here for new drugs to treat cancer.  New compounds are actually made here in a very efficient manner, and oftentimes in numbers approaching thousands of new compounds per week.  From there they are shipped to our facility in Massachusetts for further evaluation.  Maybe if we find a new drug, we can afford to put our company name on the entrance.

1 comment:

  1. Well, Ed, this makes it a very imposing sight. I hope your team succeeds in finding a blockbuster that cures cancer, or at least some kinds of cancer.

    I get frustrated when I think that most major life-saving drug discoveries were made a long time ago in small laboratories. It seems to me that these days Big Pharma is just coming up with ways to extend patent protection with trivial changes in their formulations, or the discoveries that are being made just extend painful lives for a small amount of time rather than curing the diseases themselves. (This rant might just indicate that I am talking as an amateur who is not in the business . . . ) I can hope that your team comes up with genuine and important cures.