Friday, April 12, 2013

Rear View Reflection

It might a little bit of a photographic cliche` to take a picture of a rear-view mirror  but as I was about to drive away from a morning of walking and photographing McCook Point Park in Niantic, I was struck by just how vibrant the colors appeared in the mirror of my car.  So much so, I had to get out again and look behind me to capture the image below.  Sometimes it's best to take a moment to see what's behind you.

I think the first picture qualifies as a reflection, so I'll be linking this post to Weekend Reflections hosted by James.  Stop by that site for some excellent reflections.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.  


  1. Your blog seems so empty like that, all blank, no widget... That is so strange ; something happen or did you just need some changes ?

    Pictures are cool anyway : nice job on the reflection this week.

    1. I was away from my desktop computer and used my iPhone to link my blogpost to Weekend Reflections. What you see when you click on the link in Weekend Reflections is the "mobile" version of my blog. You can see the normal looking blog at

  2. Neat shot for Reflections ~ paying attention ^_^