Monday, April 22, 2013

Eugene O'Neill and The Eagle

New London, CT

Both have been the main subjects of previous posts.  I thought it was nice to picture them together as they both have a connection to the city of New London.


  1. Eugene O'Neill was my grandfather's cousin, and he used to come visit the family. Guess this means he is hardly related to me at all, but it's still fun to think of him as Great Uncle Eugene. Remember he wrote plays mostly about dysfunctional families and alcoholism. Sounds about right. The Eagle is a great ship. Enjoying your photos of it. Would love to sail on it, but have no interest in climbing into the rigging.

  2. Taken's comment above is fascinating, isn't it? Among all of the famous people, Eugene O'Neill is not one whom I would pick to have as a family member. Rumors are that he was a pretty unpleasant person.

    1. When he came to visit the family he always had a pocket full of nickels to distribute to neighborhood kids who would clammer around him. But he was also a heavy drinker, something he had in common with my grandfather. Suspect the two of them tipped back quite a few, but this was long before I was around, so it's just a guess.

  3. Eugene O'Neill's personality notwithstanding, this is a really nice photograph.

  4. Thanks for each of you to take the time to look and comment on this photo. I've read that Eugene O'Neill was not a very pleasant individual as well. That always seems to be the case with true geniuses. They each have a character flaw so to speak.