Sunday, December 29, 2013


Norwich, CT

The factory pictured here was once the largest employer in Norwich.  They produced a particular consumer item here from 1913 up until 1984, when operations were moved to Illinois.  The items are still produced today and a hint to the product can be found by close examination of the brickwork in this building.  That's all the hints I'll give.  I leave it up to my followers to guess what was produced here.  Feel free to venture a guess in the comments section.  Thanks for looking! 


  1. Hi Ed. That must be the Thermos Company's manufacturing plant. Didn't know it had moved to Illinois. What is going on with that factory building now?

  2. Is it a bottling plant? It looks like a bottle on the chimney or tower. Or maybe a bullet. Armaments are big in Connecticut, so maybe that is what it is . . .

  3. You're absolutely correct, Jeff. Jack was close with a bottling plant, however. A Thermos really is a vacuum bottle. I'm not sure what the plant is being used for now. I haven't found a way to get down closer to the facility. Thanks for playing along!

  4. Gee... I was going to say surf boards... that would make sense for Norwich, CT.