Monday, December 9, 2013

Rentshcler Field

East Hartford, CT

I actually had to do some work during the game, so I didn't want to bring in my D90.  I'm sure I could've produced this image with the D90, a good tripod and much post processing, stitching and image editing afterwards.  But, as they say, the best camera in the world, is the one you have with you, so this image was taken with my iPhone 4s using the pano feature of the camera.  Not too bad, if I do say so.


  1. That is a nice photo. I had my DSLR with a big lens when I went to a game one year ago. The usher told me I had to take the camera out of the stadium. Apparently they only let official photographers take photos with "professional" equipment.

  2. Great photo, Ed. Stitching photos isn't all that hard to do, but a tripod does help. That's more equipment than I want to carry. Cell phone? Wow, wouldn't have guessed. BTW, I suspect that electronic score board is made right here in Brookings by a company called Daktronics. They made most of the boards in NFL stadiums across the country.