Sunday, December 8, 2013

Game Day

East Hartford, CT

I'm not a big fan of UCONN football, but I did attend their last game of the season yesterday.  Temperatures didn't get out of the 30's during the game.  That's real football weather.  Although UCONN had a disappointing 3-9 season, they did end on a high note, winning their last 3 games, including yesterday's 45-10 win over the Memphis Tigers.


  1. Now 30 degrees is a temperature you can dress for and tolerate. It was 50 degrees colder here yesterday with wind chills in the -35 degree range. We stayed at home. Glad UCONN won their game.

  2. That's too cold for me too..... I guess winter has arrived ahead of schedule.

  3. You chose a good day to see a game. Most of the season has been painful to watch.