Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mayflower II

New London, CT

I mis-spoke in yesterdays blog post and have gone back an made the correction.  The correct name of this ship is the Mayflower II.  It was built in Devon, England in 1957 and sailed across the Atlantic that year arriving in Plymouth, MA where it usually is berthed.  It is as full scale replica of the original Mayflower which brought the Pilgrims to America in 1620.  The ship arrived at Mystic Seaport last weekend being towed by the tug Jaguar seen to her port side after a brief stop in New London.  While at the Seaport, the Mayflower II will undergo a long-term restoration project which will include a survey of the ship, complete documentation and finally restoration.  This will be a multi-year project with the ship spending winters and springs at Mystic Seaport and the summers and falls at Plymouth Plantation.  The restoration is planned to be complete in 2020, in time to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the original Mayflower's  voyage.

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  1. I am (unfortunately) old enough to remember when this ship arrived in Plymouth. 1957. Not 1620.