Monday, December 8, 2014

TTM Dragon

New London, CT  2014

New London has a natural deep water port and although it's not a major port, every now and then one can see a pretty large ship docked at one of the piers.  This is the TTM Dragon, a bulk carrier which was docked in New London on November 23 when I took this picture.  It is over 600 feet long and has a gross tonnage of 31532 tons.  It is registered in Panama and was built in 2010.  In researching this vessel, I came across a webpage where one can track marine traffic, in real time and find out all sorts of information on just about anything that floats.  I could easily get lost investigating that website.  I learned that currently this ship is docked in Houston.  It made good time. 


  1. The interactive marine traffic sites and maps are really impressive. When I ordered my last MINI Cooper I was able to find what out ship is was loaded on and track its location across the ocean. In real time I was able to see on the website the ship dock in New Jersey and know that my new car had completed the journey from England to the good old USA. Then it was loaded on a truck, which I could not tract (but showed up at the dealer about a week later).

    1. I found the site fascinating. It is incredible how much cargo is hauled by ships through out the world. It's amazing that everything does reach its destination.