Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Mineola, NY

I follow a number of blogs and there are a few of them with a penchant for posting pictures of fire hydrants.  They do a much better job of making the common fire plug look interesting.  Having seen those posts, I can't walk by one now without thinking about a possible photo opportunity.  I hope this one is worthy of posting here.  


  1. Ed, thank for getting in on the act of posting hydrant photos. I think Martina started this some time ago and many of us have followed her lead. I did mine a few days ago. You are right about not seeing one with thinking of the photo possibilities. Always good to keep your eyes open and camera handy.

  2. I was wondering if there was a story behind the hydrant photos. Now I know! Thanks. They are interesting in their own right. They always remind me of a little person. I know some communities have painted their hydrants to look like people. I'm glad we have them around though.

  3. Nono, it has been Carl Weese - I simply took it to another level, so to say ;-)
    What intrigued me at first was that the US hydrants are so much more anthropomorphic - small firemen with their hats painted in different colours. That's when I started to look at the German and European hydrants.
    Interestingly this photo is like one of the "hydrants guarded by two posts" photo in one of the issuu pdfs I did.
    In Germany you simply don't paint hydrants by yourself. There are rules and laws and and and ... but of course if you have enough money you can even let your hydrants have footballs as caps ...

    1. Fascinating, Martina. Thanks for sharing this bit of fire hydrant history as it pertains to the photo blogs I've been following. I'll continue to look for interesting fire hydrants during my photo walks. Hopefully one day I can post something as good as some of Carl's photos.