Sunday, December 2, 2012

Water Slide

New London, CT

This water slide towers over some of the smaller amusement rides at Ocean Beach Park in New London, CT.  Next to the water slide is an Olympic-sized swimming pool.  I've always thought water slides looked like a lot of fun, and maybe one day I'll try one out.  However, if I go to a beach along the ocean, I would much prefer to swim in the ocean than go down a water slide or swim in a concrete pool.  There's something about the waves and salt water. 

1 comment:

  1. Water slides can be great fun. I get to wait in line with kids half my hight for a chance to go sliding down a twisting bobsled-like run that can do a number on my equilibrium. Then the slid dumps me out into a pool of water where I can't tell up from down. Ah, and it only cost me admission to my local swimming pool, and I can go as many times as I want until adrenaline gets old. The one in your photo looks a bit aged and tame.

    The bottom line is we have no oceans here in the Midwest, and no sharks.