Thursday, December 27, 2012

Main Street

Willimantic, CT

I was hoping that there would be more festive Christmas decorations throughout the center of Willimantic. There was the occasional lighted tree, but it appeared to me that any decorations were left up to each local business.  


  1. Fine night shot. What makes these tricky is that everyone who views them has a different monitor showing the images quite differently. My post today, for example, looks great on my MacBook, but looks too dark on my wife's newer MacBook. There is just no controlling this. BTW, your photo looks great on my screen.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. You're right about how different the pictures look on different monitors. There are way too many variables to try and control. The best you can hope for is to adjust the picture to what looks the best to you. I do all my editing on a MacBook, which is now hooked up to an external monitor, since my laptop's display went blank a few weeks ago. Your night pictures of San Antonio look a little dark to me here, but that could be my monitor, or just my preference. I have been enjoying the pictures from San Antonio. Have you visited there recently? I've always wanted to see San Antonio.

    1. We are staying in San Antonio for a few months. Our son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons live here, but we have an apartment to keep everyone happy. This is a fun multicultural city. I'm hoping the city continues to provide new and interesting photo opportunities.

      I thought some people would see my night photos as too dark, but I guess that will happen sometimes. Have a happy new year, Ed.