Friday, January 24, 2014

Yale University-Boat House

Gales Ferry, CT

I knew it was here in Gales Ferry someplace, and I actually found Yale's boat house on the Thames River, located in Gales Ferry.  Although the boat house is pretty far from Yale University in New Haven, the Thames River is the site of the oldest intercollegiate sporting event in America, the annual Yale-Harvard Regatta. This boat race has been a one sided affair, with Harvard holding a 94-54 edge in wins over Yale.  The calm waters afforded a very nice reflection, which I'm linking to Weekend Reflections.  


  1. This is beautiful !!! Perfect reflection!

  2. Beautiful photo, love the reflection on the still water, nicely captured.

  3. That's a mythic place ! Thanks for the lovely sharing...

  4. This is an absolutely delightful photograph of a lovely place along a river that I would have placed in London!

  5. It is very pretty and a great reflection. I wonder why their boathouse is so far from the college. Do you think that contributes to them getting routed by Harvard so often in their crew races?

    1. This is one of two boathouses owned by Yale. Their main boathouse, The Gilder Boathouse, is on the Housatonic River and that's where most of the training is done. Crew members come here to Gales Ferry to train for the Yale-Harvard Regatta, much the same way their predecessors did back in the late 1800's without some of our modern distractions.

  6. Fine looking reflection. I can almost hear the cheering during those exciting races, and imagine all the racing shells stored in that boathouse.