Monday, January 27, 2014

Yale University - Book and Snake Tomb

New Haven, CT

Yale University is noted for a number of undergraduate landed "secret societies", perhaps the most famous being the Skull and Bones Society which claims amongst its members,  Presidents William Howard Taft, George Bush and his son, George W Bush.  Each society owns their own meeting hall/ building which is characterized by having no windows nor any other identifying signs.  The buildings are called tombs.  The one pictured here belongs to the Society of the Book and Snake, founded in 1863.  I'm not sure for what purpose these societies exist.  I guess that's why they are secret. 


  1. Are you sure Harry Potter wasn't involved in these secret societies? Perhaps membership in them is decided by a witch's hat? The sociologist in me says they exist so they can exclude others.

  2. So how long have you been a member?