Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Houston, Stanwood and Gamble Co Stationary Steam Engine

Montville, CT

I could find very little information by searching on the web for the Houston, Stanwood and Gamble Co.  It has been rare when I can't even find a mention in Wikepedia when I search for a company, place, building or artifact.  The best I can figure out is that the company existed back in the late 1880's  and made stationary steam engines like the one shown here.  They made a lot of them in their short history for use in such places as saw mills, primarily throughout the south.  The Gamble in their name has some relation to the huge Proctor and Gamble Co.  Searching for company turns up many images, and references to people who collect old steam engines.  I'm not sure what became of the company.

While photographing this engine I was approached by a gentleman who offered a little history of the engine and asked if I was a collector or "steam engine buff".  I said no, I was just intrigued by the engine and enjoyed photographing it.  He then offered to pose with the engine for a fee of $25.00, or 3 pictures for $60.00.  I politely declined.  I think he might have been the owner of the antique mall in the background.   


  1. Heck, Ed, if you can wait until May, I will pose beside it for only $20. Or three for $50.

  2. I'll start saving my pennies! ;)

  3. Ed, that is a fine looking stationary steam engine. Wonder if that guy has ever had anyone pay him to take his picture? You should've told him you would pay him, but only if he buys one of your prints for $200, or three for $500.

    1. Darn, I wish I had thought of that!