Saturday, February 22, 2014

Norwich and Worcster RR

Norwich, CT

There is a rich history of the railroads in New England,  characterized by many regional routes, leases, mergers etc, which make it pretty hard to  follow exactly what happened to any individual line.  I know there was passenger service to Norwich, probably as late as the early 1970's, but today, as far as I know only freight trains use the tracks through Norwich.  This memorial marks the site of a freight house destroyed by the great hurricane of 1938 that was part of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad. Nearby there is this great old building looking like a train station, and still is kept in pretty good shape, although I'm not sure for what purpose.

Recently there has been a proposal put forth to restore passenger service connecting New London, CT to the south, through Norwich continuing on up through central New England.  It sounds like a great idea and maybe this station could be put to use once again. 

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  1. It is inconceivable to me that a route like that would have enough business to warrant the high cost.