Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Young's Block

Norwich, CT

I recently took a photo walk around downtown Norwich, CT.  I've posted some pictures from Norwich in previous blog posts, so on this particular walk, I was looking for some scenes I had not photographed before.  The downtown area has some buildings that have fallen into dis-repair as well as some buildings that have been restored to their former glory, which I'll feature in future posts this week.  I was attracted to this building due to the bright red siding trimmed in silver. This along with the large plate glass windows are reminiscent of a retail store I recall from my youth.  I would guess that at one time this had to be a Woolworth's, although I haven't been able to confirm it.  It's nice that that the building is still being used and that the original facade remains.  The clock even works.

1 comment:

  1. Love the red and silver color in your photo. Yes, I'll bet it was a Woolworth's store. The city Engineer's Office should have information on the "Young Block."