Saturday, February 15, 2014

One More Bank Building

Norwich, CT

This bank building is one of the more distinctive buildings in downtown Norwich.  It was built in 1895 and originally was home to the Norwich Savings Society, which was bought out by Peoples United Bank.  Sadly after having a bank at this site for 118 years, People's United Bank decided to close this downtown branch this past year.  The building is currently for sale, and has been appraised at $1.33 million dollars.  The limestone building was designed to wrap around the corner and seamlessly integrate to other buildings to the right.  For some reason, those buildings were demolished years ago, so now this building now looks incomplete.  You can see the side or back of this building below.  I wonder what this corner in Norwich looked like before the buildings were demolished.

Unfortunately this building is pretty typical of a number of historic buildings in Norwich and represents the latest business to leave the downtown area.  I sure hope this building finds a new owner that will maintain it and preserve it.  But I have my doubts. 


  1. What a grand, old building. Looks more like it belongs somewhere in northern Europe. Sad that the buildings to the sides have been removed. New owners might think of having a muralist do something with that wall. It just cries out for something creative. But it may just sit idle.