Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sculpture in New London

New London, CT

I need to to a far better job of noting the names and the artists responsible for public art works, since they should be recognized for their work.  This sculpture is located outside of the building housing our local newspaper, The Day, and as usual, I forgot to at least photograph the title of the work and the artist.  At the very least, I now have a reason to return to New London very soon to get more information on this particular sculpture.  I'm not sure what she's looking at.  With today's weather being what it was, she could be watching out for the next winter storm.

Update:  I returned to learn a little more about this particular sculpture.  I found  the title of the piece is "Renya" and it's by the late sculptor Ella Tulin, whose sculptures often depict the strength and beauty of women.  


  1. Well composed, Ed. I try to take a quick photo of any plaque to remind me who the artist was, but often it is rather hard to find the name.

    1. Greetings, it's May 2, 2016, and I just this moment discovered this post from 2014. My name is Renya, and I am the model behind the Renya sculpture plunked in my hometown of New London. If anyone sees this and would like more of the story, feel free to find me via my website: