Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Day

New London, CT

New London's daily paper is The Day, with offices right in the downtown area.  The paper was founded in 1881 and today is held in public trust remaining an independent newspaper to this day.  Profits support various non-profit organizations within the primary circulation area of southeastern Connecticut.  I think that is a very unique arrangement for a newspaper publishing company.

The sculpture serving as The Day logo contains the Latin phrase Mare Liberum, which can be roughly translated as Freedom of the Seas, or The Free Seas.  Captured in this logo is the long history New London has with the sea.


  1. Newspapers reached their peak in the 20th Century. Hope this one can continue to publish. Seems to be a fast fading media of communications.

  2. The Day used to be a nemesis of the company where I worked for several decades. Now that I am no longer there, I can see the name without getting high blood pressure.