Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Go Right

Essex, CT

On a recent weekend, I came across this "traffic light" at the center of an intersection in Essex, CT.  I thought it was rather unique as far as traffic lights go and had sort of a nautical theme to it, typical for this area. It didn't really direct traffic like stop lights, but just alerted drivers to this intersection and reminded them to "go right".  Since it was not lit during the day, I wondered if it were colored, or flashed or looked like some sort of lighthouse type beacon at night.  You can imagine my disappointment  a couple of weeks later when I passed this intersection at night and saw it was lit with a single, white compact fluorescent bulb.  I guess the town is trying to save energy with the CF bulb but for some reason the light now has lost some of its charm.  


  1. Great "road furniture" find. It does look a bit like a light house, but "red- right returning" doesn't work ashore. A flashing yellow light would look good on this marker. There is always Photoshop?

  2. These wrought iron decorations look so German .. it's almost spooky. Like something out of a typical German frontyard.
    Photoshop or some urban streetwarrior art? Putting some little plastic toy ships on the curbstones? :-D

  3. Thank you for looking and for the comments. I too was reminded of a lighthouse when I first saw this, and was hoping to at least see some sort of flashing light. My Photoshop skills are really limited, although I used to do some work using Photoshop Elements. I doubt I'm skilled enough to add much to this image. I don't think there was a German influence in this part of the state. I do know there were both Dutch and English settlers back in the 1600's and a very rich sea-faring heritage which can be seen is just about all the towns around here. I don't think I've ever seen a light like this in an intersection before.