Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lost Gazebo

Manchester, NH

I found this gazebo tucked up against one the restored mills in Manchester, NH  It seems out of place, but then I realized, it's really a place for the company's employees to come for a smoke.  I prefer seeing gazebos in park-like settings.


  1. Many work places have set up outside "smoking prisons." At our university the smokers congregate just outside building doors making everyone walk through a cloud of smoke to enter or leave.

  2. It would be nice if I could start a kind of theme on my blog with gazebos ... but really: there aren't any in Germany. No gazebo-tradition.

    1. TFG, you're right about the designated smoking areas many companies have set up. I never heard them referred to as "smoking prisons", but I think it is appropriate.

      Martina, I'm surprised there are no gazebos in Germany. I think just about every small town in New England has a town green in the center and many have gazebos. They provide a little shelter to park visitors, and often serve as "stages" for community music groups, bands etc to perform during the nicer weather. I'd be really surprised if they're a strictly American tradition, since most of us over here are of European descent.

    2. As I understand the wikipedia article about gazebos they seem to be a British/American tradition. I have seen some similar constructions in France, though, called guingettes.

    3. That's very interesting, Martina. This part of the US was first settled by the British and Dutch, so I guess we carried on the gazebo tradition from the British. I was not familiar with the French term. I learned something new today. Thanks!