Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mills of Manchester NH

 Manchester, NH

A number of old textile mills can be found throughout the New England Area.  In Manchester, NH, these once thriving mills are being restored and used for new businesses, apartments, restaurants etc.  I wish more of these buildings could be saved, but for the most part they are falling into disrepair.


  1. These are great, old industrial buildings. San Antonio, TX turned one such building into an art museum. Minneapolis has converted some of the flour mills into apartment buildings and condos. This brings life into these historic areas.

  2. I always wonder why the old industrial architecture seems so much more nice and perhaps more human than today's. At least that's the case in Germany. Red brick is quite often used here, too.
    Because we all know, the conditions might not have been so nice and human.

  3. I think a lot more hand labor went into these buildings. All the brick laying was done by hand, I'm sure, thus adding a more human touch to the building. You don't see too many building these days with a brick exterior, especially the size of these mills. It's too expensive today. Typically these mills and factories have the large windows seen here, and each has a distinctive clock tower/bell tower. Thanks for looking.

  4. The clock/bell towers aren't found in the huge industrial brick buildings here. Another architectural difference, ;-) ... but yes, I think you are absolutely right about the brick laying by hand. And with the windows the buildings are like oversized normal homes .. kind of.