Sunday, April 1, 2012

On a Clear Day...

New London, CT

As the songs says, "On a Clear Day, you can see forever...."   This device would certainly help.  


  1. Those coin operated binoculars must be antiques by now. Great find. Love your shot of the Eagle. Remember seeing it sailing in NY harbor in 1976 as one of the "Tall Ships."

    1. I hope to one day see the Eagle under full sail. I'm sure it must be an impressive sight. I was surprised to see these binoculars here, since I don't think this is a particularly scenic area. The binoculars would give nice views of the Cross Sound Ferries coming and going between New London and Orient Point on Long Island. As you can see, the other side of the Thames River is pretty industrialized. Of interest is the greenish, block-looking buildings in the upper left of the photo. These buildings are part of General Dynamics' Electric Boat Division. Many of our Navy's nuclear submarines were built there and continue to be built there today. I'm afraid if I spend too much time looking across into those building using these binoculars, I might be arrested as a spy.