Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Citi Field

Queens, NY

This was my first visit to Citi Field since it opened.  The architecture is reminiscent of Ebbets Field were the Brooklyn Dodgers used to play until they moved to Los Angeles in 1958.  


  1. That looks to be a great stadium for baseball. Many decades ago I was a Dodger fan and listened to them on the radio, but that was a long time ago. As a kid I thought the World Series was always between the Yanks and the Dodgers, and I always rooted for the Dodgers, who sometimes even won!

    1. My dad was born and raised in Brooklyn and of course was a Dodger's Fan. He told me many stories of attending games at Ebbets Field. I can understand how you'd think that the World Series in those days was always between the Yanks and Dodgers. They both were great teams.

  2. We flew over NYC last Oct and I think this was the stadium I could see. It was dark and it was like a bowl of lights. Really something!