Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taken for Granted - Chris Craft

Mystic Seaport

I'm relatively new to blogging having only started this blog in October last year.  I don't have a lot of followers, but those I do have are loyal and post comments frequently.  Even though I might not respond to every comment, I do read them all, and appreciate that someone has taken the time to look at my photographs.  I thought of one of my followers while wandering around the Wooden Boat Show when I came across this boat.  You can find his blog here, entitled "Taken For Granted".  I do not know the gentleman's name, but have come to look forward to his posts everyday.  He has posted some  very nice images. In one of his comments to my wooden boat posts,  he mentioned how much he liked wooden boats after having seen a Chris Craft.  I'm not sure if the Chris Craft he saw was similar to this or not, but I thought I'd post it for his enjoyment.  I don't believe it was for sale, but if it were, it might "Taken for Granted's" name on it.


  1. Ed, thank you for your lovely comment, and for posting those beautiful photos of that outstanding mahogany Christ Craft inboard speed boat. From the steering wheel in the cockpit, I would guess this boat is late 1930s as I think that wheel is from a model B Ford? Aren't all boats for sale? They seem to be. It's just the price that is open for discussion. As a 10-11 year old I had a subscription to National Geographic and the Christ Craft ads in the back were spectacular. BTW, my name is Jeff, and I keep coming back to your blog because your photos are really good.

  2. I'm glad you liked the pictures, Jeff. You're right about boats being for sale, at the right price. I don't think the price of this particular Chris Craft would be right for me, but it is a gorgeous boat. Keep your pictures coming as well.