Monday, July 16, 2012


Mystic Seaport

Every year Wooden Boat Magazine holds their Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport.  People from all over either bring in their wooden boats by trailer, or sail them in for the weekend.  There are vendors galore, boat building companies, and other activities all geared toward the wooden boat fan.  Readers of this blog know that I have a special fondness for wooden boats.  So for this week, I'll be posting some of the more interesting sites seen at this years Wooden Boat Show.  As the boat says, "YNOT". 


  1. But YNOT spells TONY reflected in the water, and I'll bet the owner's name is Tony. These are beautiful wooden boats. Always been attracted to them ever since I saw by first Christ Craft speedboat in the 1950s. Objects of great beauty. Keep the photos coming.

    1. I bet you're right. I didn't notice that. Thanks for looking!