Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taken For Granite

Niantic, CT


  1. Ed, good series of B&W photos. That may well be granite, but it looks like schist from here. The gray scale captures a mood often not present in color photography.

    1. You could be right as well. I've read about the differences between granite gneiss and schist, but it's hard for me to tell the difference out in the field from the descriptions. Granite gneiss is so prevalent in this part of Connecticut, I just thought it was granite. Besides, "Taken For Schist" just doesn't have quite the same "ring". ;)

    2. Ed, I liked the title of this post. It does have a ring to it. And one must be careful throwing around schist. Perhaps I'm too far from this stone to make any intelligent identification. You are closer, and probably correct.

    3. I don't dare to go on with additional "plays on words" ...... ;)