Saturday, May 11, 2013

Farm Buildings

Haley Farm State Park, Groton, CT

This is what remains of the some of the farm buildings on Caleb Haley's Farm.  I'm not sure what type of buildings these were or what purpose they served on the farm.  I'm glad the space is now preserved as open space, thanks to the fund raising efforts of the Groton Open Space Association and the Connecticut Forest and Park Association who together raised the funds necessary for the state to purchase the property and protect if from further development.  It officially became a state park in 1970.    Somewhere I think Caleb is happy with what has become of his farm and stone walls.


  1. Caleb knew a great deal about building with stone. All these buildings need are walls and a roof. Interesting photos.

  2. Thank you, Jeff. I need to visit this park again, since there are some things I missed on my first visit.