Monday, May 6, 2013

Stone Wall

Haley Farm State Park, Groton, CT

Caleb Haley's hobby was building stone walls.  He would extract boulders from through out his property and move them in place with an ox-drawn stone puller.  The results of his handiwork can still be seen throughout the park.  The walls were used to separated a number of pastures.  Some of the stone walls are in remarkable shape.  I'm sure he had no shortage of boulders here.  


  1. Stone is said to be a crop farmers can always count on raising. Never thought of this work as a "hobby." Fine looking park.

  2. There are many stone walls in New England. This one seems to be made of larger-than-usual-boulders.

  3. Thanks for looking. Jack is right about the many stone walls around New England. Many have seen better days, and today have lost their purpose. I've found them in the middle of forests, far from any house or apparent property owner.