Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weather Vane

Portland, CT

I came across this weather vane in front of the gift shop at the Arrigoni Winery.  It sat atop a cupola, which was sitting on the ground, allowing me to get pretty close to something one usually sees at quite a distance.  I've been learning a little bit about Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro, and experimented a little with this image.  


  1. Looks really gothic processed this way.

  2. Ed, looks like interesting software. I can do many of the same things in Photoshop, but this software looks a bit easier to use. Personally I try not to over manipulate my photos, but that's just my own view. I've always been impressed with the documentary photographers of the FSA and people like Harry Callahan. Have fun with your new software. This image is promising.

  3. I think it does look a little gothic. I don't do too much normally in post processing, except for the occasional conversion to B&W. Sometimes the effects can make an otherwise average photo something special. I'd rather concentrate on making great images to begin with than try to improve them with a digital filter or effect. Still, it's fun to play every now and then. Thanks for the comments