Sunday, May 5, 2013

Haley Farm State Park

Groton, CT. 

I grew up in New Jersey, lived in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and now Connecticut.   By far, Connecticut is the smallest state of the five states in which I've lived.  However, here in Connecticut we have 107 state parks.  For a state this size, I think that's pretty remarkable.  I don't know how many state parks the other states have.  I guess I never paid too much attention to them back when I lived elsewhere.  This week I'll be featuring pictures from the Haley Farm State Park.  Part of this land was once owned by  the first governor of Connecticut, John Winthrop Jr.  Ownership passed through many hands, until it was farmed by Caleb Haley in the late 19th and early 20th Century.  These are some of the remains from his farm buildings.


  1. You keep giving me lessons about southeastern Connecticut. I never heard of this park.

    1. I've learned a lot about the Hartford area from your blog as well. From my count I've visited 8 of the Connecticut State Parks, only 99 more to go! That should keep me busy for many years. I find each one very unique with a fascinating history.

  2. Someone on this farm knew about cutting and stacking stone. The buildings may be gone, but those stone foundations look good for centuries to come. Wonderful blue sky.