Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trolley Trail

Groton, CT

There are a number of bike paths/foot paths which criss cross Haley Farm State Park.  One can walk for about a half mile through the park from the park entrance and the trail meets up with G&S Trolley Trail, which follows an old trolley line that connected Groton and Stonington.  The trolley operated from 1904 until 1928.  The City of Groton has renovated parts of the line and it now serves as a bike path connecting Groton to Haley Farm State Park.  I came across this section, which I believe is part of the trolley line, outside of the state park.  In researching the G&S I found out that the power for the trolley line was provided by the power house located on the west bank of the Mystic River.  This power house was was the subject of a previous post in this blog.   It's amazing what one learns when doing a little blogging research. 

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