Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fisher Island Ferry

New London, CT

Although really a part of New York, Fishers Island has closer ties to Connecticut.   It lies just 2 miles off the coast of southeast Connecticut and is serviced by this ferry on a daily basis.  


  1. Ed, that looks like a great little ferry boat. Also greatly enjoyed your posts of the sailing ship Eagle. No can never go wrong posting your fine boat photos.

  2. I took a ferry ride to Fishers Island once to play golf, but I really can't remember what the ferry looked like.

    I like your shot.

  3. I haven't been to Fishers Island yet. I've taken one of the much larger ferries to Orient Point on Long Island and spend the day there touring the Long Island wineries on the north fork. I'll have to make it a point to visit Fishers Island soon.