Friday, May 10, 2013

Trail and Coyote Notice

Haley Farm State Park, Groton, CT

Just before I walked the trail in the first picture, I came across the notice about coyotes being spotted in the area. Perhaps due to the old Warner Bros Looney Tunes  cartoons featuring Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner, I've always associated coyotes with the wild west, certainly not southeast Connecticut. I have heard though that they have made quite a comeback in this state despite the fact that to my knowledge, there are no road runners here in Connecticut.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I actually saw one near my condo in an area much more populated than what is shown here.  I did keep my eyes open during my hike this day, but didn't see any coyotes, nor road runners, for that matter. 


  1. We saw a wild Coyote on Thursday was we were driving through the SD Badlands. It crossed the road in front of us, and paid no attention to us, so we got to watch it walk parallel to the road for a while. It looked well fed. I suspect it's main diet is prairie dogs that are common in the area. Coyotes do adapt to urban environments quite easily.

    1. Now that's where I'd expect to see a coyote! Before I moved here, I never knew there was so much undeveloped land here. Plenty of room for coyotes and other wild life as well.